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A.   In your situation you have no other income, you are not buying a home, your children do have daycare, all your children are under the age of 17.  You stated that you paid  1050 in federal withholding.  You are eligible for Earned Income Credit as well as the Child Tax Credit.  No penalty for health care coverage. The only people that lives in the home are you and your children.  Your estimated refund is $9,000.00
Q.  In filing my taxes I want  an estimate of what my refund will be?
I have three children 11, 8, 14.  My total  wages for 2015 is 25,800. No one else lives in the home with me and my  three children. I have no day care all children are school age.  My federal withoholding is 1,050 for the year. I do have medical coverage on my job for the family.  I am not buying a home. What does my refund look like.